Friday, July 5, 2013

Room Makeover Part One

About six months ago we decided to do a room makeover that led into an entire house makeover! We are still working on getting everything done in the rest of the house, but here is the most recent completed project so far. If you're addicted to Pinterest like me, then I'm sure you have seen all the beautiful DIY tufted headboards out there. I just love the way it instantly makes a room feel luxurious and put together. This one was fairly easy to do. We just cut a piece of half inch plywood to the width of our bed and left it at the four foot width that it came in. I stapled on two old comforters for the "Batting" and then stapled on a curtain that I bought for $2! I started by stapling only at the top of the headboard first just to hold the fabric in place so i could start stapling the tufts. I smoothed out my fabric and then made a template for how far apart I wanted my tufts. It's important that you tuft first before you staple all the fabric to the back of the plywood. do your research before beginning this kind of thing, I'm so glad I did because I probably wouldn't have known to tuft first. I plan to add a little bling on top of the stapled tufts instead of buttons so please excuse that little detail for now :)
I'm so pleased with how the room looks now. 
I wanted a calm and fresh feel so that's why I chose neutrals and a little glam. The hubs is really pleased with it as well, which makes me very happy too! I have plans to replace (convince the hubs) the ceiling fan with a chandelier that I have been eying ;) 

The end tables were black before so I spray painted them with a flat chocolate brown and added some acrylic craft paint in "Antique Gold " with a sponge brush in circular motions.

     I found two clear acrylic lamps from Target (via Hudsons) for $12 each and they were perfect for the 
design I had in mind! 
(I still have to style the hubs side table)

            This mirror is one of my favorite pieces in the room. It was also a Target (via hudsons) find. I think it was $15? I just love how it adds another touch of sparkle to the room. 

 All of the bedding and accessories are Target (via Hudsons) The lamp shades were originally white so I found a curtain that was a couple of dollars and recovered them and added a ribbon and glued on some beads for a custom finished look. The closet curtains are DIY made from three different curtains and are kind of make do for now until I find exactly what I'm looking for.

This was before we started the makeover. I liked it then, but the new look definitely represents my style a whole lot more! 
thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed checking out our little room! stay tuned for more progress in the
master bath coming soon! 

Next on the list:
Wood flooring 

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