Friday, July 26, 2013

DIY Soap tray

I'm always into cute displays that are functional, so when I saw an idea on Pinterest I knew I wanted to make something similar to house the soap dispenser and a cute ring holder. I used some things I already had on hand but are really easy to find at Goodwill or Dollar Tree.
                                                                Two candle stick holders
                                                              (I found mine at dollar tree)
                                                                      Glass adhesive
                                                                       Tray or plate
                                                   (This one was about $1 at a thrift store)
Glue the top ends of the candlestick holder together where the candles would originally go and allow to dry overnight.

Glue to the tray, allow to dry and your'e done!

I added a cute little thrifted tea cup to hold my rings while I wash dishes, make cookies or for whatever reason I would remove them.
Total: $3.29. 
Hey, I'm totally into that number! 

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