Monday, August 5, 2013

Diy Party Decor

So today I wanted to share with you a few of the details of our son's first birthday and maybe it will inspire you not to spend a ton of $$ on your next party or event. Anyone that knows me, knows that I have a love for all things DIY and party planning/decorating is another passion of mine. So every now and then I get to plan something fun and get my craft on! This day was so special for us as parents watching our amazing little gift grow and reach such a huge milestone of turning the big ONE! I started planning and crafting for this day just a few weeks prior to his party and it all came together so nicely and reflected his personality to a T! Anyway here are a few shots and some tips. Sorry there isn't any tutorials but feel free to ask any questions!

I decided to go with a musical theme since he loves it so much!
Deciding on the color scheme was the hard part, once that was decided I knew what I was going to do.
So black and white was the primary colors and the accents were blue.

I bought these balloons at Walmart for $1 a bag and had them filled with helium for $.25 at Dollar General! 

I bought a lot of things from the Dollar Tree and re purposed things from the thrift store. The blue runner is a plastic tablecloth folded in half.

These Diy drums were made from old cans I wrapped in poster board and embellished with ribbon and I punched stars out of black poster board with a star punch and glued them on the sides. 

This photo banner cost virtually nothing because I just did a clipart search for chevron and then stretched it in Microsoft word and printed it out. I just glued the photos on top and ran a piece of twine thru holes that I punched in the top. Easy peasy.

The theme continued outside on to the carport (My parents house)
and I set this up to resemble a baby grand piano. I cut a black plastic tablecloth in half (From dollar tree) and then made the keyboards from poster board. 

My sisters added a little whimsy with party streamers atatched to a few of the carport posts.

Plates and napkins came from the dollar store too! I love polka-dots and I figured, why not throw a fun little print in the mix?

Again, I searched google for musical notes and printed out on paper, and cut out the shapes to add a little more detail to the theme. 
I found the guitar for $1.50 at Goodwill. How perfect was that for the theme?!

I created this number "one" with just a cereal box! Learn how HERE!

I made the cupcakes from a couple of boxes of Funfettie cake mix and icing. Under $5 for 30 cupcakes. Can't beat that! 
The cupcake toppers were created by printing out "W's" and gluing them on top of chevron squares that I also printed using my computer and then gluing a tooth pick on the back. I mixed in some stars on a few toppers to break it up a little.

I realized I din't get a very good shot of the cupcake stands I made from two old records I bought at Goodwill for $1.50! I glued a glass to the center for the stand part. It went perfect with the musical theme!
The pretend speaker I also found at Goodwill for under $2! 
This may be getting old but I also used my computer to print out a blue and white chevron design as matting for his "One day old to One year old" pictures. I used some frames I already had on hand so this was basicly a free project as well.
So that's it! I hope you enjoyed it and maybe got a little inspiration to save a little dough on your next party! I try to think outside the box and challenge myself to see just how inexpensive I can create something. Happy crafting!


  1. Awww your the best mom like ever! Those decorations are so stinking cute!

    1. You are too sweet Cali! Thank you :) it was so much fun to do! I can't wait till next years party!